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September 9th. Thank you for your continued support. The third pressing of each book sold out in 24 hours! They will start shipping out this week. 


The fourth pressing of the books will be considered the HOLIDAY BATCH and will be posted for sale around late October.  Due to slow USPS shipping, this should assure plenty of time for your books to arrive before the holidays. 

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The John Joseph discipline METHOD

So the big question is, how do we achieve success?  Is there a method to remaining disciplined to smash our goals?  Of course there is, just like anything else in life. You have a formula, you apply it and you get a result. To the degree we apply the formula – we see results. Well, first and foremost I’m going to teach you the ten step formula I have created. My ten step method is my cornerstone process that I personally use and have taught many others. This is a process that will prevent you from quitting, a process that will you hold you accountable, a process that if you follow, I guarantee that you will achieve your goals, perhaps even surpass them. 


The one quality that is the linchpin to all success is discipline.  



The John Joseph Discipline Method

Rear view of an athlete starting his spr

Kickstart your success with the 'John Joseph Discipline' method. This is a ten step blueprint designed to transform your life both personally and professionally. This is a results focused method that will teach you to accomplish your goals, no matter how high you set the bar. 

The tools revealed in this kickstart class will help you;

Develop an Iron Will

Build Determination & Focus

 Create Daily Discipline


MONDAYS. 7:30-9:00 PM EST. 




Ignite real change through action. Sign up Today. 


21-Day Crash Course in Discipline


The '21 Day Crash Course in Discipline' will give you the expert coaching, accountability and tools you need to set you on the path of success.

Small group coaching to ensure big results at an affordable rate

Weekly assignment & personalized coaching feedback



Wednesdays 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM,  EST.

Class takes place every week for a total of 3 sessions



Only 15 slots per course. Sign up today. 


Individual, focused coaching. 

Lets work 1on1 and turn you into the badass you were born to be!

Chess business concept, leader & success


     John Joseph has worked with professional athletes, entrepreneurs, businessmen and women, as well as individuals and families. He’s been featured in Psychology Today, major media outlets like, The List TV, Vice TV, Fox 5 NYC, was  on the world’s #1 podcast, “The Joe Rogan Podcast”, as well as “The Rich Roll Podcast” and many others.   


     John Joseph has one clear mission: 

 To help you achieve ultimate success, both personally and professionally, by unlocking the power of discipline in your everyday life.


“An incredible story written into a great read. I’ve known John for years and was always riveted by his life story and the incredible and enthusiastic drive to survive against all odds. That drive got him to where he is today.“

- Patty Jenkins - Writer/Director “Monster” - “Wonder Woman”

“This book kicked my ass! I have known John Joseph for many years - we know each other from around the New York City punk scene - he was always cool with me but until I read this book, his autobiography I had no idea about how we grew up. As I read the first few chapters tears welled up in my eyes - a lot of people talk about coming from the streets when John says it shit is real - I have tremendous respect for him and all he has endured and who he has become“. 


- Adam Yauch (RIP) - Beastie Boys 

“John Joseph’s  “The PMA Effect “ Has been instrumental in helping me create a more positive way of thinking about and living life. The book has taught me how changing the way in which I see things, can absolutely change what I start actually seeing with positive thoughts and visualization. I highly recommend this read to anyone and everyone who is in a rut or simply wants to maintain P.M.A.” 


Frank Grillo - Actor - Martial Artist 

“The survivor of a horrific upbringing nobody would fault John Joseph for playing the victim card. What he endured would have buried most men, but John didn’t just survive he emerged victorious. Today he celebrates his life by giving back selflessly, devoting the best part of himself for the benefit of others less fortunate. His example is as instructive as it is inspirational“


Rich Roll - Author - Endurance Athlete - Rich Roll Podcast