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A Message from John on Motivational Speaking


I have been asked to speak at events all over the world, Canada, japan, Australia, Malaysia, Europe, South America, as well as all over the United States.  I’ve given talks to;

  • Fortune 500 companies

  • Residents at drug treatment facilities

  • Correctional facilities

  • High school students caught up in gang activity

  • High-level military personnel

  • Music festivals

  • Athletic performance events

  • Health & wellness expos

  • Yoga schools

I've walked the walk, that’s why I’m a highly effective motivational speaker.  I have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that anything in your life is possible through discipline and when it’s followed by a particular set of actions. People leave my talks with a renewed sense of purpose, with a drive to go after their dreams, to set the bar high and never give up.


The one key factor that resonates with all of those people who come from so many different walks of life, is my story of overcoming the odds.  Where I came from and what I had to battle to achieve what I have now is how I connect with my audience.  Do you think the hardened criminals I spoke to in prisons, or the gang members, the drug addicts, high level athletes or military people would have listened if I walked in talking about changing their auras and chakras? Hell no!  They listened because I’ve walked in their shoes.  Just like them I've battled my demons through discipline and action. Just like them I've cut the head off the serpent of doubt. I got the where I am now, and you can too by remaining disciplined in the face of any adversity.   


That’s why I never refer to myself as a Life Coach – but rather a Discipline Coach.  The Life Coach space has become oversaturated with New Age Cornballs who for the most part haven’t done jack shit with their lives except take some 8 week course and after paying out thousands think they’re going to have the power to affect change in people. Some may perhaps, but most people are looking to listen to people who’ve been to hell and back and not only survived – but thrived.  


I’ve always had the conviction to go after things even in the worst circumstances.  To never let people place the seeds of doubt in my mind. That’s why within the first 15 minutes of any talk I give I have the entire audience’s undivided attention.  Actually, coming from a live music background – a lead singer in fact – for me it was always about grabbing the audience’s attention for an hour and never letting it go.  That’s the thing I love the most about live motivational speaking engagements… it’s the connection with people in real time in a real personal way.  There’s no better feeling in the world to know that you helped someone get through something, perhaps a stumbling block, or whatever the case may be – and get a message down the road telling me they changed their mindset and life after attending my talk and have a new outlook on life and a kick ass resume to prove it. That’s why I continue to do what I do. It’s hearing other people success stories that were affected by my words and gained that vital quality of discipline.     

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