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Jun 08, 2022
In General Discussions
Just wanted to share before our last group call. Congratulations to Harmony, Lisa and John for achieving your goals!🎉 And thank you to everyone for sharing your thoughts and realizations with me. It was a great experience and I feel like this course wasn` t long enough for me because my BIG goals are scheduled for July, August and September so I`ve decided to continue and sign up for individual coaching with John and/or participate in the next 28 - day discipline course. In case there is another one planned. I`ve managed to complete almost all steps of this challenge, apart from two actually - I still don't have the Dale Carnegie book and that one Saturday when we were supposed to arrange the whole day hour by hour didn't work for me. But my desk and office have never been better organized than they are now and I even "Feng Shui..eded"🤓 my desk LOL (something that I would laugh at in the past) I am much better at facing my fears and I started liking Mondays. Also I have consciously worked on improving my self-talk in the last weeks. At the same time, I am still leaving the most difficult/challenging tasks for the evening and do them last. Actually I am not even close to doing them first in the morning and I *thoroughly dislike* the thought of it. 😶 But, I am working on getting there. Thank you John Joseph McGowan for all your support, I feel enriched by this course. And yes I still need to schedule that one-on-one session. Thats it for now. See you all tonight. 🌚
May 15, 2022
In General Discussions
Hello everyone, It's almost 10pm here so before going to bed I wanted to share that yesterday and today I got up at 5am, did Wim Hof breathing exercise/meditation and went swimming to a lake near me - its still cold where I live so water temperature was 10 degrees celsius this morning (Google says that's 50 degrees Fahrenheit?) anyway that was my way of "doing something hard" on the weekend. Also the last Zoom call on importance of taking action was perfect and exactly what I needed although I might not look that way on our calls but it's really because its middle of the night here and usually the day after the call I start realizing what was being discussed in the call the night before lol Also I started taking action steps toward my big/long term goals and the Friday exercise (testing myself what goals I give up on easily) helped me realize many important things! Thank you all for sharing your success stories, its inspiring to read them and be together on this journey. I wish you all a great start into the new week!


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